R & D

Research and Development
R&D division of MDP operates in strict collaboration with Materials Science and Technology research group of the Perugia’s University. MDP is active on the technology transfer in order to fulfil the customer needs in terms of innovation. MDP is able to present a specific research project to his customers involving if necessary the use of high-level labs of Perugia and others Universities.

MDP is completely open to the market and has strict collaboration with skilled and experienced researchers and professors in the field of materials engineering. MDP is the partners for:
Research, development and prototypes/demonstrators activities
Founded projects in the field of materials development and LCA in the field of European programs and other national programs

The R&D division has specific expertise on:

  • Polymers
  • Polymers based composites
  • Polymers based nanocomposites
  • Biopolymers
  • Nanostructured materials

In these fields, MDP supplies also advanced environmental, social and economic impact assessment by using the LCA approach. MDP supply also calculation, modelling and simulation services also using finite element approach. MDP thanks to the collaboration with universities lab can perform specific material characterizations, such as mechanical, thermal, rheological and other test on polymers, composites and nanocomposites.

The R&D division of MDP has a long experience in the collaborative research project at both European and national level in the field of innovative materials, composites, nanocomposites. In these projects, MDP operates in strict collaboration with other international institutions operating in the field of materials science and technology and other companies. MDP has also experience in professional training.

Materials analysis, development and selection
Materials Analysis development and selection is one of the strength point of MDP services thanks to the long experience in these field of the MDP founders. These activities represent the most important point of a project, and it is foundamental for companies that want to introduce innovation on its products or processes.

MDP operates thank to the following instruments:

  • Bibliografic revisions of international papers
  • Access to specific materials data-sets
  • Participation to high level trade fair shows
  • Collaborations with experienced research groups of several universities and research centres at national end European level.

MDP offer consultancy services and access to lab scale equipments that can be used for prototyping activities such as: extruders, injection moulding machines, compression moulding machines, etc.

Technology Transfer Activities
MDP offer several kind of services in the field of technology transfer:

  • Product design (also CAD and FEM)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost analysis
  • Processes optimization
  • Tests and verifications
  • Product engineering

Bibliographic revisions
MDP offer SOTA analysis relative to polymer based materials, composites, nanocomposites and relative processing technologies as well as on LCA. MDP has an access to a powerful network of scientific resources thanks to the collaboration with universities and research centres. Quite often this kind of activity represent the starting point of any research and innovation project.

Technological services
MDP has the access to pilot plants useful for the production of small series of production and for market verification

The main industrial partners in research project where MDP has been involved are:

EADS (Currently Airbus)
And many others

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